how to bi-wire / bi-amp ?


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Nov 26, 2007
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Just purchased a yamaha rx-v671 and a pair of wharfedale diamond 9.1 to use as fronts along with a center and an sw150 sub . Will get rear surrounds at later date . I have read the you can bi wire/ bi amp the front speakers ? Why and what for as im a complete novice to it ! Also how do i do it with this set up ? Thanks

Lost Angeles

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Apr 24, 2008
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To bi-amp or bi-wire you need speakers with 4 binding posts, red and black for HF and red and black for LF. It appears yours have this from my quick look on t’internet.
To bi-wire you run 2 sets of speaker cables from your amp speaker posts, one set to each pair of binding posts and you remove the crosslink. (probably brass plate).
To bi-amp on an AV receiver (not sure if yours does) mine is an Onkyo 875 you run a set of cables from the front speaker posts and another set from the rear speaker posts on your AV receiver to your speakers. One set connects to HF and the other to LF posts. I would guess the fronts connect to LF and the rears to LF but different makes may have different ideas and I can’t remember which way around mine are and I can’t be a**** to get the manual out. On the Onk you also need to change a switch which alters something inside the receiver.
You can also bi-amp using a power amp, this is usually done by running one set of speaker cable from the AV amp or integrated amp (in stereo setup) and one set from the power amp. The power amp usually feeds the LF posts. You also need an interconnect from the AV amp or integrated pre-out connection to the power amp.