how much to spend?


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Aug 10, 2019
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oka i remember reading somewere/being told the rule of thumb for buying wires for your system is 10% of what the system cost for example say £1000 system spend no more than £100 on a wire is this a good way of determing how much to spend on wires?
It's about as good as anything, Daniel. Some will feel that 5% is quite enough, others that 20% is worth the extra. It does depend a bit on the number of components, so a budget AV system might need quite different cables to a CD, DAC, amp, tuner and speakers.

Bear in mind that other 'extras' like speaker stands, turntable supports, and distribution blocks can all add to the cost.


oka for example i have a roberts revival radio i want to plug it in to my airport express for wireless streaming so say roberts radio £160 airport express which is what £80 i want a standard audio cable mini jack to mini jack so say 20maybe £30


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