How does the sound quality of an RJ11 Subwoofer Connection Compare to a dedicated Subwoofer cable ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am planning to set up a stereo system built around the Bryston B60 Amp with B&W PM-1's as the satellites and a B&W PV-1 subwoofer to add some oomph. The Bryston has 4 speaker posts and Tape Out but no dedicated Sub Out socket plus jumpered "Pre Out"/"Power In" pairs of sockets. The active PV-1 has RCA Line In, RJ11 Speaker In and RCA Link Out for chaining other PV-1's.

The PV-1 manual recommends using the supplied RJ11 cable connected - (Yellow – Left +) (Green – Left – ) (Red – Right + ) and ( Black – Right – )to the speaker posts and inserted in the PV-1 subwoofer's "Speaker Level In".

My question ; how does the RJ11 wire compare interms of sound quality with a good quality subwoofer cable and, if I wanted to use such a cable, could it be done with a "Y" cable between the Amp's "Pre Out" and "Power In" stages and, if so, how do you sum the left and right channels to go into the single "Line In" Subwoofer socket ?

Any advice is genuinely appreciated, thanks Brian Chumphon


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