How does a vinyl record make a sound?


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Sep 7, 2020
Nothing wrong with the article per se but there are a few points which I think are worth mentioning.
Firstly, there is no mention of the way in which a master for vinyl is created. I always think this is worth a few lines in order to explain that most tonearms are a compromise in as much as they do not mimic the way a master is cut. Only tangential tonearms 'read' the groove in the same way as the master is cut.
The other point is that the data density varies on a vinyl disc. The outer portions of an LP are travelling at up to twice the speed of the inner portions of the disc. As a consequence the inner portions of the disc are crammed with data when compared to the outer sections. This doesn't necessarily impinge on sound quality but there are cases of LPs being re-arranged to place lower fidelity tracks on the inner sections.


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