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how do you decide?


New member
Oct 9, 2011

i'm looking for a long time now, to upgrade my system. but there are so many variables that making a decision is going to take ages. not that i'm in hurry or something, but how do you bring clarity into your knowledge and choices?

for eample: i decided to go for kef for my pm6004, but wich serie should i pick? iq? R?q?

or should i ggo for bx2's because they are recommended strongly?

or dali zensor's? or wharfedale 10.1 or 2?

i'm cluwless, pls help

plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
There's no single definitive answer. It really boils down to the sound that's best for your ears, musical taste and room acoustics. Hi-fi isn't an exact science, hence why no two replies are (generally) the same. There's no right or wrong answer or solution; the only one who can decide is you.

Choosing the right kit can take time, but auditioning is essential IMO, and don't buy based on reviews or any individuals experiences. We can only advise on various pieces of kit.

Worth mentioning that it can depend on what amp and sources you currently have or plan to buy and fitting the amp to your needs. For example if you only have a PC or Mac then perhaps active speakers could be an option. Or if you like to stick to more traditional set-up but don't want the hassle of finding the perfect matches, then maybe all-in-one, such as Arcam Mini Solo or Marantz 603 or Naim Uniti could be the perfect fit for you.

I'm presuming you already have an amp, the short-list looks good, set yourself a ceiling budget and see where the journey takes you. Enjoy the ride. :)

Al ears

+1 for everything plasticpenguin has said. That's it in in a nutshell.

Audition as much kit as you can within your budget and always bear in mind you are probably never going to be 100% satisfied with your lot.

If everyone was that satisfied there would be no need for this forum! :)


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Dec 29, 2012
The only way is to go and hear different speakers, don't read too much into reviews many will have been tested on far different systems than yours. About half of the highly rated speakers I did not like. The 2 most complaints about speakers seem to be brightness/harshness and bass (lacking or boomy), make sure you test for these aspects, drum cymbals are a good test for harshness and whether the tweeters can handle it. Bass is often a matter of taste. Some speakers may sound impressive initially but can you live with them? The KEF R100s are good but £600.


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Jul 20, 2012
You simply have to listen to them (or as many as you can manage). People on here can give you their opinions but these are subjective and will generally be shaped by the type of music they listen to.


PS I have KefQ500s with the Marantz having rejected MAs and Dali Zensors by audition.


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Jul 14, 2010
Listen to some HiFi systems and buy the ones you like. Simples. :)

Also try some active speakers at pro audio shops as well as passive speakers in HiFi shops.


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May 25, 2013
Spend lots of time reading about blind tests.

Decide it doesn't matter.

Buy product based on price and features.

That was how I decided on amy and CD player - I already had some speakers I got second hand which had good reviews.

I'm not going to say it was the right or wrong way to do things but I haven't regretted it.