How do you chane the power cable on a LED TV???


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Jun 28, 2007
I have recently got a LG LED TV to put in to one of the bedrooms but the power cable is quite short so I need to extend it. Normally its a simple case of unplugging the supplied cable and replacing it with a longer one but on these LED models the power cable goes into the back of the TV behind a removible cover and I am worried that if I remove this cover to invertigate further I may void the TV warrantry.

I did contact LG direct but they were of no help so anyone else had this issue and if so how do you overcome it???


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The best way would probably be to attach a male IEC plug. Then you can extend it with any regular (or high performance) mains lead.

If you have a moulded on mains plug, which seems almost universal these days, you will have to chop that off first, and then follow the normal wiring conventions.

All that said, for a bedroom, wouldn't a normal extension socket (less than fiver in most DIY shops or supermarkets) do the trick?


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