How do i start storing my I-tunes Library onto my 1TB H/D?


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm totally new to all this so please explain everything fully if you answer, cheers!

I'd like to store my i-tunes library from my 160GB Classic to my Western Digital 1TB H/D as the H/D on my PC is getting full, how do i do this as there's no instructions with the I-pod?

Can i play music directly from my external H/D through my i-pod?

Sorry if any of these questions don't make sense but as i say i'm a complete starter with this & it's all a bit daunting to say the least!

I've ripped my cds in Lossless format as i've got full size & mini Zeppelins, is this the best format to use? I've also got Shure SE530 PTH phones.

Sorry to ramble on, any other hints/tips would be most appreciated.

Cheers ;)


If i'm understanding correctly you want to get the music off you ipod onto the hard drive? Not off of itunes on the computer?

If so try a program called Senuti. It's Itunes backwards. Basically it gets the music off your ipod and back onto a computer. As for putting the files onto the external drive rather than the computers main drive i'm not sure if it makes that easy or not.

Try this for starters and then let us know how you go.


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