How do I play music on iTunes via my laptop into my DAC?


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Aug 10, 2019
I've used/abused the wifes laptop this evening. It needed a full clean & restore anyways so thought I'd put iTunes onto it as well.

It's an ACER Aspire 5332 running Windows 7.

When you play iTunes music it comes from the laptops speakers (cr**py)!

I've got the right USB cabkle to plug into my M1 DAC but how do I get the music to play via ther DAC and my hifi/what programme do I need to download to make this work?


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Apr 22, 2009
This may not help . I read my m6i insructions If I remeber correctley it said connect laptop to dac input on amp the lap top will then download the required program from the net which it did:cheers:


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Mar 28, 2011
Does the M1 need drivers? Most DACs don't but my new iBasso does.

It probably doesn't but the problem will be the DAC is not set as the default audio playback device. If you can see the little speaker in the system tray (to the left of the clock) right click on that and go to 'Playback devices'. Your DAC should be listed there, if it is select it and click on the button at the bottom that says 'Set Default'. Restart iTunes and you should be fine.

If you don't see the speaker it's most likely on auto hide so click the little triangle (pointing up) to the left of your clock. If you still can't find it click the 'Windows start button', then click 'control panel', select 'view by:' at the top right of the windows and select 'small icons'. Now click the 'Sound' icon. Then go back and follow the previous paragraph.

If you have any HD audio you will then want to select your DAC device in the 'sound' tab (where you set it as default), then click 'properties' and click the 'Advanced' tab. In the dropdown menu you can now select the sample rates you want, probably '24bit, 96000 hz (studio quality)' is the one you want (don't think the M1 goes higher on USB.

That should be it...


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