How do I do this -- integrated to integrated?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi folks,

I am told it is possible to run my "A" speakers from my main integrated amp, connect this amp to another amp, and run my "B" speakers from the second amp. I would like to be able to switch "A or B", "A and B" and "neither".

Could one of you learned folks tell me how I connect up the two amps? Thanks!


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it may be possible but it would depend on the AMPs. and you would need to look at what pre outs and main in there are.

TBH would it not be easier just to get an amp with 4 set of binders and built in a and b speaker switches?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Tape out on first amp to tape in on the second, then you can use the record/listen selectors to route signal from first amp to second. If your first amp has a facility allowing you to record one source while listening to another, you can use this route to play difference sources in each 'zone'


What Nad said is a entirely agreeable. When you are not comfortable with wirings, you may mess something big time. Experience folks do it inadvertently, let alone newbies.

But if you are want to do it anyway, you can read the instructions in your amp manuals. Or post what amps you have and we may help.

You can also benefit from other discussions on this forum on the same topic. One of the good places is:


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