How Confusing ? TH50PZ700, LE46M86BDX, PDP508XD, KDL46X3500


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

First time on this forum so please be nice, I like my technology but I also like to get value for money and be as future proof as possible. I.e. I am happy to spend a little more if it's going to be a better quality/last longer, however if the difference in quality isn't worth the extra cash I am quite happy to settle for the cheaper option ( I do not have a complex about having to have the best brand/most expensive)

I have been researching the market for a 46 - 50Inch Plasma or LCD for my new house, I was firstly confused by the LCD/Plasma issue but after reading this and other sites I have been led to believe Plasma is the way to go for this size screen? however I have been impressed by the Sony KDL46X3500 whilst viewing ( £2120) and the price/value for money of the Samsung LE46M86BDX ((£1073) .On the Plasma side of the fence we have the Panasonic TH50PZ700 (£1350) against the Pioneer PDP508XD (£2034) .

I will mainly use the screen for normal Freeview/Sky and I am looking to get SKY HD in the near future. OK My dilemma is... is full 1080 Necessary to be future proof? + in the short term on lower res images can you live with the picture quality? Can you really notice the difference with 24P is it worth paying the extra? Does 100Hz make the difference?

I love the Pioneer to watch but I feel that I am buying old technology at a premium price, The new 1080 Pioneer I have fallen in love with but I can't bring myself to spend 3.5k on a TV even though it is the best picture I have ever seen and I want one.( I guess it is the Lambourghini of tellys).

Panasonic seems to be a good all rounder doesn't have 24p but seems to be excellent value for money for a bg plasma.

Sony, great picture on HD but what is it like without? has all the bells and whistles but is expensive. Is it worth the money?

Samsung, Great value for money and the most future proof TV I can find on the market but does the product suffer from too much technology too soon and not enough time on making the basics. I have been told the sound is appauling.

I know this is a really long post but as you can probably tell I am not sleeping much at the moment, with this dilemma running through my head.

Any help appreciated.


In my opinion the sony and samsung are preety much the same in terms of picture quality on freeview and sky mostly down to the fact that samsung make some sony sets, the pioneer is on the expensive side and dont think its worth the money over the panasonic. The freeview quality is so much better on the panasonic then either the sony or the samsung and in most shops the panasonics have a 5 year warranty.


I have been also offered the 5 year warranty on the Pioneer, I think you are right though that for the money it has to be the Panasonic. I am lead to believe there has been a review by what Hi FI on this telly, does anyone know where I can find it just to reassure myself before I purchase.

Thanks for your help.


[quote user="losing my marbles"]I love the Pioneer to watch but I feel that I am buying old technology at a premium price[/quote]

Not sure what you mean by old technology? Plasma and LCD are what we have got for the moment, with all their limitations. Samsung are promising 40"+ OLED screens by 2010 (but probably add a couple of years before they become truly affordable for the mass market) and most manufacturers are looking at 4xHD if and when they can agree a common standard and name. ( Have a look at the excellent CES reports).

You obviously love the PDP-LX508D (£2999 at so if you cannot justify paying that much then use that as your reference. Compare which LCD comes close, then do a similar thing with a choice of plasmas. It is very difficult to do a Plasma/LCD comparison together, especially in a larger shop where there is a lot of artificial lighting, since Plasma's picture can look dull against an LCD screen.

My guess is that you will end up with the 508XD Pioneer or the Sony. Have you been able to see the Sony D3500 yet? I haven't but I hear it should be a worthy canditate along with the 'W'.


With what ive seen of the new sony screens there not very good with either hd or sd content the panasonic is the best way to go the cost of them arent bad and as an all round tv alot better than any of the new sonys or samsungs.


Hi Marbles,

If you are looking at feeding 1080p/24 to your screen, then the 1st TV to go would be the Panny PZ700. This DOES NOT handle 1080p/24 properly, as it has widely been discussed in many forums and threads. The result is that it places the picture in one corner of the screen. To be honest, the PZ700 was my original choice when I started searching for my new flat screen, but due to the problem stated here, I am no longer looking at this.

Looking at your options, you have a reasonably big budget for your screen. I would suggest have a look at the Sammy LE46F86 instead of the M86, as this provides better motion handling and slightly better black.

I have seen the Sony X3500 and IT IS amazing, colour is vibrant and SD picture was one of the best I have seen, BUT (that's a big BUT) I can't justify paying the odds (over £700 more than the equivalent of the Sammy F86).

Since I would like to go for Full HD, I have ruled out the Pioneer. Yes, resolution doesn't mean everything, but for my purpose, Full HD is one of my requirement.

Finally, I like to add to your list (to confuse you even further :p) - Samsung LE52F96 LED LCD TV. If you can afford the PDP508XD or X3500, then have a look at this one too. If money was no problem for me, this is the ONE! This can be bought for £2199 + £80 delivery (inc 5 years warranty)

Anyway, I guess it's best for you to decide. I tend to get most of my review detail from I have included a few links below of the mentioned TV for you to research on.


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