Hoping to upgrade an already decent set-up! Help!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Dear What Hi-Fi team,

I bought my separates in 2000 and have been very happy with them. The components were:

Arcam 7SE Cd player

Rotel RC-972 Pre-amp

Rotel RB-981 Power-amp

Denon CDR-W1500 Cd recorder

B&W DM 603 S2 Floorstanders

Pioneer CT-S430S Cassette Deck

Denon TU-260L II Tuner

Technics SL-1200 MK2 Turntables (x2)

Technics SHEX 1200 2 Channel Mixer

I suppose I was using 2 pre-amps together with the technics mixer and the rotel pre-amp, but it actually sounded better that way because i felt the mixer was very basic for sound quality. I was happily listening away until I recently decided to upgrade my mixer to the Allen and Heath Xone 92 (6 channel mixer).....the sound is now much better!.......but I was stupidly continuing to use the rotel pre-amp when this is no longer necesary. I am now keen to upgrade some of the other components to complement the potential of the mixer, and because my budget has gone up in the past 7 years!

I am keen to find out:

1) A good choice of power-amp for this set up to complement the A&H mixer (budget up to GBP 1000)

2) Which speakers will give me more clarity rather than just the muscle I have with the B&Ws. I also have no idea if floorstanders or stand mounted will be better? (budget up to GBP 2000)

3) Any other suggestions with the other separates I have which could be changed to better my sound quality!

4) The best way to sell/exchange what I already have when it comes to buying new equipment

I listen to a wide variety of music.......rock/ambient drum and bass/uk garage/soul/jazz.....which makes things more difficult! The set-up is in my lounge and I like the music to fill the room, but I feel a degree of clarity is lacking despite the power it delivers.

Apologies for the long message.......I would be most grateful for any advice!

Kind Regards,



Unfortunately no feedback or advice :(

I have researched and it seems the options for upgrade are endless, but I have come to these conclusions:

1) Linn Klimax Chakra 500 power amp nicely suits the Allen and Heath mixer as a pre-amp.

2) Dynaudio audience 82 as floorstanders suits the kind of music I listen to, even though clarity is slightly lacking.

3) Rega apollo is a safe bet to change from my Arcam cd player, which I'm not happy with.

Any comments?