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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

I am new to this forum so please be patient with my lack of knowledge on putting a home entertainment system together.

I am just moving into a new house that had a trendy young German couple in. They have left wires for speakers to be attached to which he says he had his TV and a music system connected to. I would like to replicate this but am at a loss at where to start.

I am purchasing a Smart TV and separate speakers but how do I get music to play in a separate room at the same time someone watches TV in the lounge because he claimed this was possible.

As I have not purchased anything yet, any advice would be much appreciated.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Hi Bsa1959, and welcome aboard.

Working out how to do what you want will initially be a case of what cable does what – if the cables aren't labelled, can you get in touch with the previous resident and get them to help you identify the cables?

Anyway, assuming you're buying separate speakers to go with your new TV, you'll need something to power the speakers – ideally an AV receiver if you're going to set up a surround system. Most of these have what's called a multiroom or multizone facility: an extra set of speaker outputs able to drive stereo speakers in one or more extra rooms. Using this kind of receiver you can run TV sound in the main room while at the same time playing music from the receiver's radio tuner, a disc player or some other component into the second room.

So you could, for example, buy a Blu-ray player on which to play movies, and use this to feed music through the receiver into the second 'zone' while you're not using it to play movies in the main room (though it might be simpler just to buy a mini-system to play music in the second room, as you'll have to keep nipping back into the main room to change tracks/discs, etc!)


Thanks Andrew, I have had a quick look at multiroom, and that is definitely the system he had in place. Can you recommend any systems? I only need the multiroom for one other room, he had 4 wires for speakers in the tv room and 2 wires in a seperate dining room that he had isolated for music. Sorry to be so basic but this is a whole new (potentially exciting) world to me!



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