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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a set of speakers that were used with my PanasonicSCHT-870 dvd home cinema. My dvd was taken during a burglary and I am looking to buy just a new dvd home cinema that will work with the existing speakers. I dont really want to but the whole lot again.

Can anyone help please.

Many Thanks

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Well I guess the obvious thing would be to replace your old Panasonic (and I'm assuming it was a home cinema in a box system) with another one from Panasonic.

Unfortunately the only Panasonic model we've tested recently, the SC-RT70 (£600), scored a very mediocre 2 stars. Not good.

We do, however, have a test of new home cinema in a box systems coming up in the October issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, on sale August 23, so you might want to get hold of that and check out the latest models, although they do all come with their own speakers.

The other alternative is a system such as the Pioneer DCS-353, which is really good and only £279, or the Sony DAV-DZ210D (£280). Depends how much you want to spend.


You can connect your speakers to any home cinema amplifier, directly without connecting to the subwoofer. The downside to this is having to buy a subwoofer you can connect to the new amplifier (RCA or speaker level).


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