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Aug 10, 2019
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My current home cinema set up consists of a Pioneer 436XDE plasma panel, a Yamaha RX-V4600 7.1 amplifier and B&W 7xM1 speakers and 2x B&W PV1 subs. I am currently using the amplifier to switch two HDMI sources through to the plasma panel.

Last week I bought a JVC HD100 projector and have a couple of questions regarding getting the best picture and signal quality with my existing equipment.

I am aware that the Yamaha RX-V4600 is only HDMI 1.1 and can only output 1080i even if it is passed a 1080p signal) and that the projector has a built-in scaler chip that can deinterlace a 1080i signal and display it 1080p.

Q: Is the Yamaha amplifier the weakest part of my home cinema setup? Is using it in the configuration above going to reduce the resolution/quality of the signal due to the number of conversions? Should I try to preserve the original signal from the PS3 directly to the projector?

I have been considering the following upgrade paths:

1) Purchasing an Onkyo receiver that allows 1080p switching as well as decoding the new DD/DTS HD Master audio formats.

2) Keeping the Yamaha and investing in a HDMI amplifier to split the source signal into two - one to the projector and the other to the amplifier. Could anyone recommend such a device which is HDMI 1.3 compliant?

Sorry for the long post, but am I not sure whether this is anything to worry about...

Many thanks in advance


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Mark,

Your Yamaha was an excellent, five-star amp in its time (2005 Award winner, in fact) and i'm sure it's still doing a storming surround job with your impressive speaker set-up.

Your JVC is also an excellent projector that i'm sure is handling upscaling very well.

However, if you can afford another £1000, the Onkyo '875 would increase your sound and vision potential - its video handling is exceptional and its support for the new HD formats make it a flexible, futureproof option.

I'm getting a bit bored recommending the Onks all the time- can another manufacturer PLEASE come up with a rival soon?! But until then, they are unbeatable at the heart of a serious home cinema set-up like yours.



Thanks very much for the quick reply.

Just a quick note on the HDMI amplifier option - I have spotted a QED unit for around £300 which is HDMI 1.3 certified which would allow me to continue using the Yamaha. Have I to assume from your post that this is better invested in a new Onkyo unit? Any ideas where I could sell my Yamaha? Not seen any previous 4600 units on ebay for comparison.

Many thanks



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