home cinema system HELP!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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just looking for advice on a few things really, hopefully someone can help......

i've just purchased a sony KDL40W2000 tv and sky+ HD box.

I'm looking for an AV amp and some speakers which can cope with films/hd tv but is also man enough to play cds at a decent volume and quality. i don't really want huge speakers in my living room (it's 3.3m x 4.5m) but i realise i have to compromise a bit to get the power for music. Are bose speaker systems any good? i've read as few articles which suggest they aren't worth the money but my local dealer assures me they're the 'ultimate' (he would wouldn't he?!)

blu ray: is it worth buying a ps3 for now as blu ray drives are a lot of money!

my budget for amp/speakers/blu ray/ is £2000


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Ben,
Not sure from your query whether you've already got a CD player you intend to hook into this system?

The PS3 is one of the best Blu-ray players we've tested so far (not that any have particularly impressed us), but it sucks with CDs.
Assuming it's just for movies, I think it's a decent stop-gap solution (and music sounds passable from its hard-drive).
If you want a player that's great with music, too, i'd consider the Marantz DV7001 (£600) - yes, it can't play HD discs, but upscales DVD incredibly effectively, and sounds great with movies and both stereo and multichannel music.

As to AV amp - the obvious answer is the Award-winning Sony STR-DA1200ES (£400), which is a superb music/movie all-rounder for the money.
However, if you're looking for a future move to Full HD via a Blu-ray player, you might want to consider a receiver that supports the new HD surround formats. We're about to test some new Onkyo receivers in your budget range that do just that, if you can wait to splash your cash.

Onto speakers. We have tested the little Bose Acoustimass speakers and i'm afraid they're a case of style over substance. They're not bad speakers, but they're incredibly overpriced by the standards of alternative packages out there, and certainly don't have the heft - or musical abilities - you're after.

The good news is there are style speakers that are far less of a compromise, and available in your price range. I'd suggest you see and hear Monitor Audio's Radius range, avaialble in a vast array of colours, finishes and stand/wall-bracket options. The R90AV-12 package (£1350) is our current style speaker Product of the Year.
If the Radius' still seem a bit boxy to you, check out Tannoy's Arena range - great-looking, and especially good with music (though not the all-out movie stars the Monitor Audios are). Packages start from £1199.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Any other questions, just let us know...



Well, this is my first post, and it will be hopeless compared to the lovely Ms Newsome

Mine was just a question really. What do you make of the TV. My wife doesn't like my motorbike and asked me to sell it. When faced with the choice of motorbike or wife, there can only be one choice, and it has to be the wife (I am being serious), the upside is that I am going to spend the proceeds on kit, and fancy the Sony you have bought. I know the mag is a big fan, but would like some additional thoughts.