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Aug 10, 2019
Dropped and broke my Denon CD Player on the way to my wedding, now looking to upgrade.

Choice's I have - Already own Bose Acoustimass 5 speakers although they are getting on. I want cinema sound (currently provided by my Panasonic all in one system) but also want decent audio for CD's. Willing to spend say up to £800 to get me either a new system on the home cinema that will cope with my Audio or just purchase a new Amp and CD player to run with my Bose speakers.

This does mean though that I would have 7 speakers in my new front room ....

Help !

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
if you're willing to swap your baby Boses for something bigger, Samsung's cracking HT-TXQ120 home cinema system could answer all your needs. List price is £900, but widely available for less - one £799 deal here, for example, also throws in a module to make the rear speakers wireless.

OK, so it won't sound as good playing music as a dedicated hi-fi system, but if that system is based on the Bose Acoustimasses, you're never going to get a great stereo sound anyhow. However, it's decent with music (it plays SACDs and DVD-Audio discs, too) and excellent with movies - sure it'd trump your Pana system.

If you find the big speakers too frightening, Sony's awesome DAV-IS10 (list price £600, available for less) has even smaller speakers with the Bose, but offers excellent home cinema performance and decent music replay for the money. The Samsung would be a step-up sonically, though (as it should be for the extra cash/size).


Good point well made on the sound of the Bose, plus I have had them since 91 !

The Samsung did tickle my fancy earlier and I do like the design. Can always stick the Bose speakers in the dining room for old time sake. I guess your saying to stay away from AV Receivers unless I spend some more money ?

Thanks for the advice and in this case the reassurance.


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