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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, Long time listner first time caller! Happy new year to everyone I've been meaning to register for a while as I regularly search these forums for expertise. Im set up with some fairly old gear but its still quite lovely, Im looking at upgading a number of componets to enable me to "Future Proof" my kit and im looking forward to geting into some interesting and informative chats about the merits of Vinyl and digital. Best Regards Emmett audiolab 8000q audiolab 8000m x2 monoblocks audiolab 8000 dac audiolab 8000 cdm transporter epos es22 speakers tri-wired chord company/ audioquest / van den hul, connects + cable Recent addition: Rega P25 + Ortofon 0m2 blue Pro-Ject SE Phono box


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