HMV’s flagship store is returning to its original Oxford Street site


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Sep 9, 2021
They could not compete back in 2019 what's changed !
There's one near me in a small town, and most of the floor space is dedicated to t-shirts (which may or may not be music related), random collectable items/toys that I don't really understand, phone accessories, and other rather useless stuff.
They do also sell 4K Blurays and vinyl though, which is probably the only thing I ever bother going in for. In fact 90% of my 4K collection is from there.

I think they also sell games as well, but I don't bother buying them because playing on an Xbox is much more of a hassle when you need to put the physical disk into the drive to prove you own it, instead of just playing from Game Pass/downloads from the store.
It's forgivable for older consoles, because that was just the way it was, but even for my PS2 I've written all my disks to the internal hard drive or NAS anyway and just play them from there.


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