Hitachi hdr081



Just bought one. So far impressed. Replaces my Philips DVD/HDD recorder. The main reason for buying a PVR was the EPG - and this works well on the Hitachi, although this is the first PVR I have owned/tried, all I can say is that EPG is the way to go, and it is so easy and quick on the Hitachi. And two programmes at the same time is impressive - its incredible how often there are several programmes on all at the same time that I want to watch (and then nothing at all for two weeks). The Philips DVD/HDD had only manual/VideoPlus recording - and on that machine even the VideoPlus was a time-consuming irritating fiddle.

The Hitachi has other important detail advantages over the Philips - for example it you stop watching a recording, go to bed, and want to continue watching the following evening you can do so - it can resume from the same place, or start from the begining - your choice.

The Hitachi is an unassuming generic looking black box, with an unassuming generic looking remote - but I like that - silver-sprayed plastic has had its day. It seems well made & funtional - it walks the walk, rather than just talking the talk. So far I am impressed by the way it just quietly get on with the job.

There have been a couple of 'gliches' on playback that I have noticed - but this may just be a problem with Freeview.

Obviously a long-term test is needed and comparison with other makes, but so-far I feel I have made a good purchase - and has shown me how bad my Philips DVD/HDD is.

The only down-side is Argos - a shop that needs to re-examine its staff costomer-care training programme (assuming they have one).


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