HiFi setup for iPhone, or Zeppelin??


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, i'm looking for some advice regarding the best/convenient way to play music from my I phone, i'm basically looking for a decent upgrade from just playing it through my laptop or tv.

I've have a budget of around £400 so ive been looking into buying a Zeppelin (standard not mini) just purely for the convenience of being able to move the dock system from my room to the lounge when required...and because i've heard lots of good things.

However, im seriously considering the idea of using an iPod dock connected to an amp and then to the hifi speakers. What ive been looking at is as below:

Dock - Onkyo ND S1 - £130

Amp - Cambridge audio Azur 340 SE - £120

Speakers Q acoustics 2010 £110

As i understand the hifi system will produce a much better sound, and i'm hoping that i can get the three components plus cables etc for around the same price of £400.

I guess my question is will the sound (esp the bass) from the hifi system be that noticeably better that it outweighs the sound and especially the convenience of the zeppelin.



I've got a Zeppelin mini, not the standard, and can confirm that it does sound amazing for the size. I'm pretty sure the Zeppelin standard (unlike the mini) hasn't been updated to be iPhone compatible, basically, you'll have to turn your phone into airport mode to play music through it without interference, which will stop you being able to receive calls/texts (the mini doesn't have this problem).

However, a separates system will sound better (I'm not sure if that dock is iPhone compatible or not), but obviously you do lose the movable convenience. You'll also be able to slowly upgrade it up and add things, which is always fun!

So yeah, I guess it depends on your priorities, but beware of ipod docks that don't work properly with the iPhone...


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May 2, 2010
HiI don't know the spec for that amp, has it got a digital input ?
The Onkyo dock is digital and will require a DAC to bridge dock and amp.

If your total budget is fixed at £400 perhaps something like the Arcam rDock or even rLead (which will plug straight into analogue inputs on amp) would suit but you will have to buy interconnects for the dock.

On a more budget level but still good quality you could get a Chord iChord lead for around £50.
I've just ordered a QED Live uPlay (Bluetooth) lead which may not give the ultimate results but is very handy. Haven't got it yet btw.

The Zeppelin is a good item though iPods docks are being reviewed in latest issue of WHF which I guess will be in shops in the next week or so.


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Feb 24, 2010
dont under estimate the zeplin i have one and it kicks, and will full a decent size room with great bass, can not coment on the system you listed as i never listen to it.



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