HiFi Placement and furniture


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Jan 30, 2020
Hi Guys,
Within a year, my family and I will be moving into a new apartment. Slowly, we initiated discussions regarding room allocations and started deciding on the furniture. For the HiFi, I am allocated one of the living rooms which will also end up being a sitting area when we have guests over.
The room is 16 feet X 12 feet. Now the sides which are 12 feet apart has two walls. But the sides that are 16 feet apart has a complete glass wall (Windows and doors to the balcony) on one side and half wall on the other side.
On which wall do you think it would be best to put the speakers? The glass wall will have curtains. Guess the walls 12 feet away from each there would have been ok but the speakers may end up being too close to the couch? Or should I be ok with speaker in front of the glass wall and have the curtains pulled while playing music?
Considering it will be a sitting area when guests come over, acoustic treatment is a big No No as announced by the Mrs.


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The more important decision may be where your seating goes. If you put a sofa right back to a wall, that’s not ideal for listening. Therefore part way back along the 16’ length might be better, and the curtains will give you a bit of room treatment!


Nov 4, 2008
I had a similar specced space in my old apartment, well a bit longer 24' x 12' glass doors and balcony at on end with half height windows at the other. I much preferred the speakers along the 24' wall firing across the 12' distance but ymmv. Try both and see which you prefer.
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