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May 20, 2012
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iam new to this forum (have been reading reviews on this site for quite some time though).

I have a problem...

When playing a BD (avatar for instance) my set displays a hickup.

My setup:

- Samsung ue 55 es 6800

- panasonic bdt 320 blu ray player (to replace my non-3D LG BD370) connected via hdmi.

Here is the exact problem: on the LG BD370 any bluray was super smooth, no hickups or judder (24p). Avatar, Drive etc al played perfectly... but no 3D.

So i bought the pana bdt 320 (got insane good reviews here) but now every 6 secs (or so) the image hickups. i play original bd's and i am going nutts! how can i get rid of this hickup

The problem accours on 1080/24p aswel as on 1080/60P, only on 60p mode its every 10 or so secs.

I live in Holland, so the TV is 200hz (not 240hz).

Thanks in advance for your advice and help

P.S. The 55 ES 6800 Rulles! ITs a baby ES 7000 with the chrome 8000 bezel and without the Smart interaction/speaking/camera/upgrade but imagewise there are NO differences: Best Samsung LED for your buck!

- Samsung UE 55 ES 6800 - Panasonic BDT 320 - Sharp Lc 40 LX 705 - LG BD370 - Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9300 - BeoVox Redline 60.2 White speakers


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