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Feb 9, 2015
Hey, newbie to the forums here, recently I had been looking for a stereo replacement for the bedroom and contrary to my previous impulsivity I decided to take the time to consider and research my options rather than diving right in, and during the process I accidentally contracted the audiophile bug. That is not to say that I am any good at it, or even that I know what I'm doing. I'm just a little further on than I was a month ago! Basically, I had been using a Bose Soundlink Mini which served a purpose for a while and I have become accustomed to the convenience of steaming all of my music from the spotify app on my HTC One M8 via Bluetooth since I don't have a computer, but I began to yearn for a bigger sound and a bit of base. Naturally I thought I just wanted a bigger bluetooth speaker, but the more I read, the more sound quality I wanted for the relatively small amount of money I had to spend (by audiophile standards). So to cut a long story short, I managed to get hold of a NAD Viso 1 AP for ?350, which invariably sells for ?500-?600 over here. I would have preferred it in white but that would have cost me another ?150, so I settled for the black. I know I could have probably bought separates for better quality, but as a novice this seemed a nice entry for my bedroom audio needs. I guess firstly, from somebody with much much more knowledge an experience than I have, I wondered if I got a good deal and whether you think it is worth it? For anyone wanting to know a little more about the Viso AP, it has WiFi, Bluetooth APTX and Airplay capability. It has USB input and Optical in capable of Hi-res audio and has a built in DAC. Until now I've only read good things, and I know NAD is a fairly respected manufacturor. Which leads me onto my next issue. I have only now learnt of the drop in sound quality via Bluetooth, (I told you I was a novice), and the Viso AP apparently addresses a lot of these issues, but I'd like to know from somebody 'in the know' how I go about getting the maximum quality I can for relatively little more spend. I have read lots about hi-res audio, but with the various inbuilt technologies of this system I am all the more confused! I've read about streamers, receivers, DAC's, Amps, Drives etc. etc. etc. And frankly, I don't know how to get hi-res audio out of the Viso. Whilst I currently use Spotify to stream over Bluetooth, I am considering upgrading to Tidal, which apparently streams in hi-res. Whilst I don't have a computer, I do have access to a laptop which I could use to download hi-res music to some form of storage device, but I am lost as to what storage device and how to play it through the Viso, though I presume I use the optical input. I don't know whether I need a player or just a drive. And as I stated previously, I don't really have a massive amount to spend. I do have WiFi, though I'm not sure how to use the WiFi aspect of the Viso if at all, while I'm aware that Airplay is an Apple technology, so I'm likely to need to use the Bluetooth aptx feature to stream from my android phone? Anything else I may have missed I'd love to hear your thoughts! Apologies for the long post, I just want to make sure I'm getting the best out of the equipment! It should arrive in the next couple of days and I'm a little overexcited Thanks in advance to anyone able to help!


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Feb 19, 2012
Interesting choice.

If your main source is your phone not sure you'll be able to really appreciate any sort of quality, hi-res files will bring.

What outputs do you have on your lap top.

That NAD has only one hard input - optical, if your lap top has optical out try it.


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