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Jan 3, 2016
Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I was lucky enough to be gifted for Christmas a new turntable to play my old vinyl on. Most of my collection is 90s indie and house music.

Turntable is a Project Debut Carbon.

I've since splashed out on Cambridge Audio Azur 651 amp and it's sounding pretty good through my 20 year old TEAC speakers.

I'm looking forward to upgrading those speakers in time and also adding in a network cd player as I have a decent sized CD collection also, as well as my digital collection.

What i'm struggling with is finding a hifi cabinet that fits in with the decor of our lounge but doesn't cost too much. Got to be dark wood (walnut) and a glass door to keep the little ones hands off. Is there a classifieds section I should be looking in anywhere? Ebay hasn't come up with the goods so far.

Anyway, all the best and hope I can learn lots here as it's been a looooong time since I knew anything about HiFi.

Cheers for now, Peter



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