Hi from new member


Apr 23, 2020
Hi All .
Thanks for letting me join your forum.
Joined as I have just resurrected my pioneer system out of the loft where it has languished for to many years.
It started with me mentioning to a mate at work I may get it down but would need to sort some speakers out as one of the pioneer ones had been damaged.
He then said he had some barely used mission ones that I could have.
Promptly turn up at work with them the next night.
So that was it I had to get it down then lol.
It had got very dusty in the loft so removed the cover and gave it a good blow out.
unlucky that when plugged in it turned itself on without me pressing the on button and was stuck on one part of the switch options.
Found a guy local who dose repairs and he has found it may have got some damp in it.
He is doing some more stripping and hopefully he may be able to find some used spares for it.
He thinks he will be able to find as the fault is not one he usually sees so parts may be avl.
the system is a DC-Z93 .
I bought it some time around 1990 ish.
I even found all the old vinyl when searching the loft and was looking forward to trying that for the first time in years.
my manual is long lost anybody know where I may find a download one?