Hi Fi System into AV Receiver/Home Cinema Set Up


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I have done some research on the forums and unless I am
being completely inept I can’t find this question posed before (apologies if I
am being an idiot).

I am looking at delving into the home cinema arena for the
first time and want to know what the best solution is for integrating my hi-fi
set up into one nice complete package.

Currently I have a suite of CA equipment (640H Music Server;
640T DAB/FM Tuner; 640C CD Player; 540A Amp) but would want to run this through
the home cinema set up, of which I am looking at the Denon 1912 AV Receiver and
Boston Acoustics XS5.1 SE speaker package.

My simple question is – How?
I am happy to ditch the CA Amp and CD player, but want to retain the Music
Server (it has A LOT of music on) and ideally the DAB Radio as well. Is it as simple as connecting the music
server to the AV via a spare line in (say the iPod dock) and the DAB to another
(CD player line in?) or do I retain the CA Amp and connect that to the AV – if so,

Any help and advice gratefully received.



OK, so I take it from the lack of response it was a stupid question, which has now been resolved (on reflection - yes I agree it was a stupid question).

I've been out and bought a Denon 1912 AV and it works like a dream. Simple connections and simple set up although the use of the handset as an all-in-one isn't spectacular for use with Sky+.


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