hi fi stand-wheres the thread?


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Aug 10, 2019

i was looking at a thread about hi fi stands and there was a link to another site showing how to make a stand out of glass/perspex and threaded steel rods. has anyone got any idea which site it was on as ive done a search and cant find the thread!



thanks pj, thats even nicer than the other one! ive even got a neighbour whos a carpenter....


While this rack is tidy, I doubt its usefullness in audio terms. Using perspex shelfs probably allows more vibration to enter than it see's off. The rest of the construction seems somewhat wobbly aswell.

Like with speaker stands, some extra weight goes a long way. I would stick slabs on the shelfs if it will take it.

a related topic may make sense. buildings ofton have aircon planted on the roof. these huge motors would make the building hum if not isolated. They sit on spring mounts which help a lot, but also on huge masses of concrete. These concrete plinths have a mass greater than the sum of the moving parts they hold. however much the motor weighs, it dont have the energy to displace the concrete block. Slabs under equipment would do the same thing. the vibrations would not be strong enough to move the slabs mass. Big slabs just dont oscillate at audio frequencys well.

you could stick slabs under speakers to if on wooden floors. Ive no doubt the difference would be noticeable.

Good student tip i reckon. Just not my slabs! lol


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