Hi fi set up for kitchen


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm looking for a tidy, discrete and decent sounding set up for our kitchen. Its about 30ft x 15ft across with cooking done at one end and a dining table at the other. The source will be itunes/iphone/spotify through Apple AirPort Express and I'm considering two options:

A pair of JBL control's or similar size wall mounted above up in the corners at the eating end (facing the length of the room); or a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelf speakers, or similar, to sit on a shelf in an alcove at the cooking end of the room, (facing across the room).

I'm also reading good things about D class and T class amps - they're small and look like great value.

I've haven't bought any hifi for a few years now so out of the loop a bit. My main set up is Monitor Audio silver series 5i floor standers, Marantz PM63SE KI Sig amp, Marantz PM63SE CD, Rega Planar 2.

My budget for the speakers and amp is £400-£500. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Dec 8, 2010
Some active bookshelf speakers perhaps? Some Audioengines or similar? I'd say they would probably get you the neatest (and best value) solution in that price bracket.


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