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Aug 17, 2007
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Hi I am after some advice if possible I currently have an Atacama Equinox AVI for my TV and AV equipment which I have been really happy with but as my collection of boxes has grown I now find the cable management system not up to job and my girlfriend thinks the whole thing just looks really untidy – I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a modern cabinet style or a rack with a back plate with and a really good cable management system than can hide all the mess. With thanks


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Jul 20, 2007
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TV -, I have an Ash Designs stand which has a removable metal back plate through which all the cables can be threaded, I've removed it and used shorter cables.
Hi-FI-My friend has what I think is a Henley Designs rack, that has a trough in the central rear lag, which is covered by a wooden sheet which has holes cut in to allow cables to be fed through.

However, both of these racks are made of wood and glass so may not suit your definition of "modern cabinet style"


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