Hi All, New Here And After Some Advise Please


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Aug 10, 2019
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Right, im just starting off and want to build a good solid Home Cinema system so need your expert advise.

So firstly I already have my TV so what AV should i buy? ive been looking at Sony STRDH810, ONKYO TXSR-608

and TX-NR609, and what speakers should i put with the AV. Was think of the front speakers being floor standing

and maybe wirless rear ones, is there any problems with having wireless rear speakers or floor standing speakers

for the front? They speakers have to look nice as my wife wont allow them in the room and i do wear the trouser

but find its best to let her think she does, lol.

The system will be for movies only, please need all the help and advise you guys can give me


The_Lhc said:
You'll have to give it more than 20 minutes.

You'll also get more help if you give people a clue as to what your budget is.

thanks for that, budget around £700-£800


Lee H said:
Top-Gun said:
thanks for that, budget around £700-£800

Just to clarify. Is that for amp, speakers, cables and everything?

yes thats right, also i like the look of the Wharldale Diamond front floor speakers, but can thes be used in a home surround sound system?


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