Help with Technics amp


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I have an old Technics SUVX 800 that is noisy when adjusting the volume and at some volume settings. It is mainly used with my Technics SLPS 900 cd player. I am generally happy with the performance of both. My question is, is it worth getting the amp repaired or cutting my losses and getting a new one and is the cd player still any good?

Andrew Everard

New member
May 30, 2007
CD player worth keeping, amp probably suffering from dirt in the volume pot. Worth taking the lid off with the power disconnected and squirting in some switch cleaner to the volume control if accessible, or pulling off the colume knob and squirting some in down the volume control shadt, then working the volume control up and down a bit. Otherwise could cost you £100 or so to have it repaired.

Might be the time to buy a new amp - have a look at the current Marantz or Rotel ranges for a replacement, which will cost you around £250-300 or so.


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