Help with Subwoofer options


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Aug 10, 2019
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I’m on the look out for a subwoofer, as I’m slowly building up my home cinema/hi-fi.

I’m going to run with a 2.1 system in the mean time, coming of a Yamaha CD/DAB receiver, so I’ve purchased two B&W M1’s and looking for sub to compliment these. Not sure of the route to go with the sub as it’s an important part of my future plans.

I’ve heard the Rel Quake and it’s very good cause it’s ultra compact which I’m also looking for.

Any other ‘ultra compact’ subs which I should consider?

£500 is the max I’m willing to spend on a compact box.

Do I stick with the B&W sub options and keep the same make system or are there better subs out there for around the £300-£500 price range.

Future plans will be a 5.1 system with an amp that has built in DAB/HD Audio and doesn’t look like a breeze block. ‘They will be here sometime soon’



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