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Aug 10, 2019
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Dear All-

Approx 3 years ago I bought a Sony LCD TV, notably the KDL40Z3500 (I believe it was...). Recently, for some unexplainable reason, 2 sets of 3 horizontal dotted lines (with very little space between them) appeared on the right side of the screen- one set towards the top of the screen, and one set on the bottom right side. Each set ran from the right side of the screen to approx 1/3 of the centre.

A few days later, 3 more sets of 3 lines appeared, more in the middle, and all along the right side of the screen (til laprox 1/3 of the centre).

So now I have 5 sets of 3 horizontal lines running from the left side of the screen to approx 1/3 of the centre. One of the sets has gotten worse, and during dark scenes this set of 3 horizontal lines are bright white, as if the screen does not discplay any color... Very annoying when watching TV!

I understand that my warranty has expired, but can anyone shed some light on this strange phenomenon? They appeard out of nowhere. I know nothing about TV's, so kindly in layman's terms :wink:

Worth getting this looked at/repaired, or am I doomed to have to look out for a new tele? If so, any recommendations for a 40-42 inch TV used for watching Digital TV/HD/Bluray (no gaming or 3D)? No direct light on the screen, even on bright sunny days...

Thanks in advance!


Sorry- regarding the above post, I meant that ALL sets of 3 lines run horizontally from the RIGHT side of the screen to approx 1/3 of the centre.


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