Help With Laptop Speakers Needed


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All, I hope someone can help wit this as the guys at PC World and Comet were of little use.

I am after a speaker system for my laptop (where all my music is held on MP3's) which conforms to a few criteria.

1) Is portable. I travel a fair bit and like to have music with me which I can hear through better speakers than those on the laptop. Doesn't have to be tiny but maybe a bit robust and carriable.

2) Good sound quality, if my friends are round I want to be able to hear it in different rooms, also the knowledge that in a hotel I could really piss off my neighbours at obscene times in the morning (though of course I wouldn't dream of doing that!)

3) Preferably wireless. It is this issue that I am having problems with mostly as I am not technical in any way but with all of the wireless technology about I thught I would be able to play my laptop music through a set of speakers without having all of the wires in the way. This is particulary important at home as my laptop moves about with me.

4) Looks Cool - Optional!

After searching the net for a week now I have found very little which may cover these points - maybe I am being a bit picky but I found one which might suffice, could anyone just confirm for me that the Gear4 Blackbox would do everything I need it to or if they know of a better system PLEASE tell me where I can get it.

Cheers Guys


How's about an old pair of Wharfedale Diamond Actives - don't meet all your criteria I know but a mate had a pair that he used to use in the office after hours and they sounded just fine, and plenty loud enough to listen to in a very big room. Not to full on party to I confess but that's asking a bit much for a 100quid and 20wpc I think.

Is there anything equivalent out there at the moment?


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