Help with final piece of kit


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Aug 10, 2019
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Finally got my NAD C542 CD & C352CT AMP the weekend and am extremely impressed!! Only trouble is i am running it off a pair of old JVC speakers, which is not doing the system any justice at all!!!! I demoed the system with a pair of KEF IQ5's and liked what i heard, but i was wondering if there is anything else i should be looking at. Budget is £300-400.

Any ideas would be extremely welcome.


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Sep 6, 2007
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Very good CDP and Amp but you can do hell of alot better when it comes to speakers

I'm not a fan of Kef's and never will be, i dont like the integrated trweeter and mid/bass driver, their 'uni-q' driver system

For your budget you could look at a pair of Monitor Audio BR2's (standmount speakers but very good and superb on decent stands) or the B&W 685's (again with decent speaker stands). You could also look at the Monitor Audio BR5's (floorstanders). These will beat the Kef speakers hands down!

If youre happy with good quality, decent 2nd hand speakers (sometimes i think you can do better 2nd hand that brand new with a limited budget) you could take a look at B&W 602 S2's or the S3 standmount speakers OR if you can find a pair at the right price, the B&W 603 S2's or S3's.

You could also take a look at Monitor Audio BR5's and even the RS6's on Ebay (when theyre on) as you can get them at good prices sometimes.

To me, all the mentioned above speakers will sound much better than the Kefs and will give you a broader soundstage and more 'whammy' for your buck so to speak BUT they'll still sound refined with great timing and clarity, expecially with the NAD CDP and amp combo.


NAD and B&W are great in my opinion. Thats what i first bought as my first speakers (601's).