help with cambridge soundworks dt 355


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Aug 10, 2019
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i have the speakers and the amp does any body have or have had these? does any body know if they were rated by whsv the speakers i would like to keep because of the petite size i would like to run the £400 onky av reciever with the pioneer winner plasma and whatever hd/blue ray combo turns out to be best or are the speakers crap compared to todays offerings, would be willing to change the sub with a high budget one .

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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AFAICS, the power handling of the speakers in this system is something like 5W for the small speakers, and 15W for the sub, and the subwoofer seems to be a passive unit driven from the amp box, not the kind of active sub you'll need for use with the Onkyo TX-SR605.

Frankly I'd ditch the lot and buy a new speaker package to go with the Onkyo - if you want something relatively small I'm confident a KEF KHT1005 system or even the Tannoy FX5.1 or EFX5.1 would offer a much more convincing performance with this receiver.


Thanks for the info will ditch the lot, but can you help with this im in a bit of a quandary.

Display: 2007 award winning pionneer plasma.

Reciever: 1st choice would be the onkyo 605 £400.

Disc player: hopefully the worlds best HD combi player Samsung / LG.

Speakers: like the look of the kef / tannoy speakers.

Problems are :
the kefs are only in silver so not really a goer. would like to keep speaker size to minimun (tannoy size will be abt right) fronts will be sat on monitor audio br2 and soundstyle stands (yes you guessed 2006/7 winners)

will the onkyo 605 be better than the Rotel RA 04 stereo amp for my cds?

would the HD combi player and onkyo 605 give me the new surround sounds thats coming?

budget is flexible ish in the mid range just want the right kit to go with each other and look right and only watch 2 dvd a week. room size is 5m x 3.4m.

a lot of Qs but your the experts.


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