Help with AV Receiver Upgrade please?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently have the following setup

Panasonic 37" LCD full HD TV
Denon 1907 Multi Channel receiver
Sky HD
Media Centre Computer (Provides 1080p output and digital sound output via Coax Digital)
xbox 360 Premium
Roku soundbridge digital audio streamer.
Kef 2005.2 speaker system 5.1

I have also just bought a Panasonic BD35 Blu-Ray player.

So i now need to upgrade my receiver.

The following are on my shortlist

Sony STRDG820

Yamaha DSPAX763

Denon AVR1909

Onkyo TXSR606

I would really appreciate some advice on which of the above would be the best match for my system



True Blue

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Oct 18, 2008
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See you have a Denon already so if you like the brand then you can pick up the 1909 (450tsp) for £299.

However this is the same price as the Yamaha which is meant to be more musical.

The Sony 2400 is the next bracket up of receiver if I amto understand correctly.

When I was auditioning my system I coupled the KEF 2005.3 with the Denon and Yamaha and imo I prefered the sound of the Denon for movies. Yes the Yamaha sounded slightly better on music but I have a seperate hifi system (to be upgraded in twelve months wife permitting!!).

In the end I have stepped up to the 3005SE's and am really happy with that pairing.

All I could suggest is go along to a local retailer and audition both sets with the 2005's.


In truth, you won't go far wrong selecting any one of those units.

The Onkyo TX-SR606 is a very good unit, especially if you don't listen to too much music. For all-out 'ballsy' sound for movies, the '606 is superb.

Otherwise, for all-out balance, I would say go the Yamaha '763 (especially if you favour a more musical sound) or the Denon AVR1909.