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Aug 10, 2019
I'm choosing between the Onkyo TX-NR808 and the TX-nr5008, whichever 1 i buy will be swapping out a Linn Kolektor pre-amp so my current music only setup can start being used as a home theatre system.

Which of these receivers is the closest comparison to the Kolektor? The Kolektor is a few years old now, so would the materials in the 808 provide a similar sound to what I'm used to or do I need to step up to the 5008?

Budgets not really an issue, though if I can spend less I will...

2 x LK140's, bi-amped and bi-wired to 2 Castle Howard S1s.

Linn Kolektor, pre-amp.

Linn Karik CD player.

Linn Numerik DAC.

Will be adding either B&W 684 theatre or Monitor Audio RX6 Silvers AV12


I'm not familiar with your current unit, but I will say that if budget is not an issue, always go with the best specification you can.

In this case that would be the 5008 from what I have heard of it ( I spend a lot of time demoing kit at my local dealer, between meetings etc.) it is awesome.

The speaker packages you have suggested are also excellent but I would advise adding the Jamo D500 THX 2 and one of the M&K packages to this level of AVR.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd ruled out the Jamo as I want the system still to play music well and the reviews suggest the Jamos are better suited to cinema (hence the silver av12s)

I'm not familiar with M&K units, do you have a model number in mind?

M&K are renowned for their performance with movies, but are bettered in the music department.

The Monitor Audio RX6 silver AV12 is an awesome piece of kit, which excels in both movies and music.

Any reason you want Onkyo receiver only? I would recommend you to demo receivers from Yamaha, Denon & Pioneer as well. They all sound different & people have one preference or the other. What's your budget?

Look at Yamaha RX-V3067, Denon AVR-4310/4311 & Pioneer LX73 apart from the Onkyos if budget is not really an issue.


To be honest, I didn't get the model number of the M&Ks I heard recently, the aesthetics of them just don't do it for me(only my opinion) although they did sound awesome.

I highly regard the Jamos and have heard them in 2 channel stereo, and although I admit they did not sound as good for music as the 2 highly rated MA packages, based on the Apex & Rx6, they blew me away on movies. Better than the RX6, maybe because movie sound tracks are authored for sub/sat systems.

I considered the Jamos recently, but went with the Apex as I have got the RXFX rears, so just changing the fronts is an easy sell on the other half.

I do think the Jamos match well with the Onkyo though, and I have not suggested any other AVRs because I feel that sometimes if you have made your mind up, it's fair enough. But it would not hurt to listen to the LX83 or RXV3067 previously suggested.


>Any reason you want Onkyo receiver only? I would recommend you to demo receivers from Yamaha, Denon & Pioneer as well

I demo'd a Denon (forget which model) and it just didnt do it for me, the Onkyo blew me away and its specs were slightly higher (more ports, etc). I haven't looked at yamaha but worth considering. Airplay support is a must.

Budget is between 1 to 2k for the receiver. The tx-nr808 caught my eye, but my system right now is SWEET for music and I'm prepared to spend more to not compromise the musical fidelity I currently enjoy (hence tx-nr5008).

I'm restricted somewhat by availability also, I moved to Sweden and there just aren't the options here, for example B&W dominate the speaker scene and though they're good I do find them a little too clinical and lacking warmth.

So the short answer to your question is if the receiver costs less I can buy the speakers at the same time and have the system up and running right away, however if the cheaper receiver gives me a (musical) sound inferior to my Kolektor I would prefer to spend more now and buy the speakers next month.


>But it would not hurt to listen to the LX83 or RXV3067 previously suggested.

Thanks for the tip, I'll source locally and setup an audition.

Thank you.



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