help what turntable


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello i need some help in buying a new turntable ,ive got about £250 at the most to spend i was looking at rega and pro ject and reading all the reviews but havent got clue on what to go for.I want something easy to set up ive been reading about anti skate and other things and some people have trouble setting up and the rega is set up but says its set up but some people say pro ject is better,so can anyone help me make my mind up ,also i noticed a phono amp needed as i got a marantz receiver so any suggestions dont wand to spend more than £70ish if possible thanks


Not sure how much this helps, but I've got a Debut Pro-Ject II TT and, as a basic entry level TT, it sounds excellent. Good vinyls sound better than the CD player on my system costing twice as much! My only reservation is that some of the upper registers can be very slightly harsh.

I've heard people praising the Rega TTs (particularly the P3). Is there a change you can demo a couple at a local hifi store?


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