Help to choose speakers for Marantz PM7004


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

I need help to choose speakers for my Marantz PM7004 amplifier. The room size is about 14 square meters so probably bookshelves would be the better choice. I was thinking about something like Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 or Monitor Audio RX2, but I can't demo them so I need your opinions. Maybe a direct comparison between them, how would they pair with a Marantz amplifier...things like that. I would appreciate your suggestions for other brands and models too. Also, if someone here uses the same amplifier, maybe he or she will share their experience.



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Apr 30, 2011
I have the same Amp so here is my penny worth. This might seem a little unusual or a little budget orientated choice but why not try a Wharfedale 10.1 speaker. I have the 10.1 a its a brill alrounder and pretty cheap or second hand (Dirt cheap). Listen to it and enjoy its SOUND, THEN put it in the attic then when you purchased the expensive upgrades but i guarantee youll keep coming back to it. I have after listening to the RX1 for the last year and several other speakers.

If you read the fourms you hear alot of harsh sounding or ooch my ears the Marantz PM7004 is a pretty impresive amp, plenty of detail and maybe its the metal tweeter of the RX1 that has finally me look elsewhere. Anyway hope this is helpful. Will the RX1 go to the attic or be sold, the next month or two of listening the wharfedales will determine. Havent tried any of the more expensive Wharfedale yet.



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