HELP Sony 1200 Amp looking for speaker upgrades or new package?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,
New to this but just wanted some thoughts about 5.1 speaker packages.Current running a tight budget system including Sony 860s HDD recorder and Sony 1200 es Amp / reciever and a Toshiba 32" CRT TV as i have tried to keep costs low. I bought a Moudrant Short 309i Sub woofer pair of Aural Envelope front speakers and a moudraunt short 304 centre and a pair of sony rear speakers. I now think that the speakers are letting the system down, even thought i have upgraded all the speaker wires and interconnects costing couple hundred pounds and was wondering if it was worth upgrading the front speakers to Moudrant Short and the rears to match the makes up so i had a moudrant short speaker system ( Which was the aim) or (changing direction) try a new complete speaker system. Budget under £500 pound.

What do you think?


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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That sounds like a pretty horrendous mishmash - and indeed mismatch - of speakers to me.

I'd stick with your Sony receiver, and change the front left/right speakers to the likes of the Mordaunt-Short Avant 904is or 914is, and the rears to the Avant 902is.

That should give you a much better balance with the centre and sub you have now, but even better you could change the centre, too, to the 905i - which is just about doable within your budget.


Thank you for your thoughts, i guessed that the mismatching of speakers was a problem. I have taken your views and have been online shopping all ready looking at prices, not sure if i can afford all the upgrades for under £500, so the centre may have to go on hold for now.
Maybe best to go to a few shops and ask there advice as well, you never know they may throw in the centre speaker for a deal price, dont know unless you ask!

Any good shops / online websites in/ or can deliver in the bristol area, other than Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks?


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