HELP Please Sky + sound issue


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just purchased a new HD LCD TV.

I set it up and everything works fine accept the TV has a surround sound function and when this is engaged all channels via my Sky + box (not Sky + HD) sound terrible.

The Sky+ box is connected via a SCART cable.

It cannot be the TV as the surround sound works perfectly when playing my standard DVD's or when I watch any channels via the normal anologue ariel or via the digital freeview box that is inside the TV

Any ideas ?



Have you tried swapping your SCART cables about to see if that is the issue ie use the one from your dvd to check if it is the sky Scart that has the issue. Alternatively you could plug the sky box into your tv via the stereo output on the sky box.


I tried swapping the scart cables around but this did not work, its really odd as the sound is just not right when watching Sky even with the surround sound turned off.

Yesterday the sound was fine with the CRT TV / Sky so this suggests the Sky + box is okay.

The sound is fine when receiving an anologue signal, via the freeview or watching a DVD on the new LCD so this suggests the new TV is okay.

I have swapped the scart cables around so this suggests the SCARTS are okay.

Also when I switch to an anologue or freeview channel the TV displays in the top left corner "Nicam Stereo" but when I switch to Sky the display on the TV states "Mono" but I have checked the sky plus set up and this is set to stereo

Not being that technical I am now out of ideas.

Finally where is the stereo output on the sky+ box and what cables do I need to connect my sky+ box to my tv this way ?