Help Please - Q 2050 or Diamond 10.3 Floorstanders - Which are best?


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Nov 16, 2008

I have £300 - £400 to spend on some floor standers, but not sure which is going to give me the most musical sound.

The 10.3's or the Q 2050's or any other suggestion in this budget.

I'm going to use my A400 amp and purchase a new Marantz CD player.

Speaker History

I started with Wharfdale 420's stand mounts in the 90's (i loved these, then purchased some MS 914's (sounded great and more detailed after a lot of cable tinkering and sand filling).

Then I have had iQ5's - Great speaker, but found the sound different to others and then moved to MA Silvers stand mounts, but found them too clinical.

Then purchased some Br2's which now sit in spare room - Nice rounded sound, but not he speaker for this system.

And finally have some 10.1's which i really like the sound - I have found these the most musical as opposed to technical sounding speakers.

When listening to movies/blue ray the system is hooked up to the B&W MT30 package of centre, rears and PV1 sub with the 10.1's at the front to add a bit of music to the sound.

That system is going into a celler converted into a movie room, so i'm going back to pure stereo for my living room.

Sorry - Long winded or what!

Any advice from the team (you are more than welcome to set the 2 systems up for me?) or you guys would be appreciated



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