Help please!! More novice advice needed!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Absolute novice with this stereo lark.

We have around £1200 to spend and have decided on the arcam solo but not sure what speakers to go with them. We have narrowed it down (today anyway!) to B&W 685's, MA BR1's or RS5's. Does this sound reasonable?

Went and listened to the 685's and RS5's and they both sounded good to my untrained ear. Would a bookshelf speaker be better than a floor standing one? We are planning on moving so not sure what room set-up will be so guess am looking for an allround speaker should one exist

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Sep 6, 2007
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You have pro's and con's with floorstanders against stand-mount speakers. Standmounts need good stands to sing well but dont always have the authoritative bass that floorstanders do. Floorstanders usually have more bass but sometimes it can be overwhelming and boomy.

Both the RS5's and the B&W 685's will suit the Arcam Solo very well but for me it would have to be the 685's with good stands and good speaker cable.

The Solo kicks out plenty of power to manage the 685's well and will allow them to sing at loud levels but will also play very good music at low volume.

I thionk that you'd fine that the 685's have got more welly when loud compared to the RS5's. The 685's control bass very well and the Solo has plenty of kick and well timed treble/midrange.


i have to dissent again i am afraid.I heard the 685's and thought they were poor at anything but blaring volume.The mon audios would be my choice. The 685'sand the mon audios could not sound more different.Did you not prefer one over the other?


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