[Help] Picture Skipping Watching Blu Ray via PS3 & Samsung UE46C6540


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May 30, 2013
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I have when watching Blu Rays via my PS3.

I've googled this issue and found countless similar problems, but none seem to be exactly the same as mine, so please let me explain...

Whenever I watch Blu Rays on my TV via my Playstation 3 I get an annoying picture skip roughly every 30 seconds - I'm not talking about the judder or strobing that occurs when the picture pans or anything like that - this is more like a short 'buffer' period, like when you watch a clip on youtube and it buffers occasionally, skipping a few frames whilst still playing.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, it just happens at random times during playback. It's basically a very brief skip in the picture, maybe a couple of frames, and it occurs roughly every 30 seconds or so, sometimes more frequently, other times less frequently. The audio, as far as I can tell, remains normal.

I should also point out that I haven't noticed this issue when watching DVDs, so it seems to be unique to Blu Ray playback.

Here is my set up...

TV: Samsung LED UE46C6540SKXXU

Blu Ray player: Playstation 3 - software fully updated.

Both connected together with an HDMI cable.

All the Blu Rays I've watched so far are legit, purchased copies or rented from LoveFilm and this issue occurs every time, regardless of whether it's an action film, slow drama, whatever.

For what it's worth I have fiddled with the numerous settings on my PS3 and nothing seems to have helped so far. I still can't rule out the possibility that it's an issue with my TV and not the PS3 but how can I tell? The number of variations in settings on both the PS3 and the TV melt my brain somewhat!

I'm really hoping someone out there has had the same issue as me and has found a solution!

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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Apr 7, 2010
Hi hubie & welcome to the forums.

From what you are saying it could be one of a few things.

Firstly check that your existing HDMI lead has a snug connection at both ends & not loose.

2nd is if you have a different HDMI lead spare try running that from the ps3 to your existing TV & see if it makes a difference.

3rd option try a lens cleaner.

4th option plug the ps3 into another TV using the same HDMI lead & see if you get the same result, if you do then change the HDMI lead & try again, if you still get a problem then the likelihood is the ps3 is at fault.

Regards ...


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