help needed on connecting an N64 games console to a Pioneer PDP 427 XD tv


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I am having trouble connecting my very old Nintendo N64 to my Pioneer PDP427XD TV, I have tried to use the old coaxel aerial connections that I used on my old tv but the Pioneer "aerial malfunction" so I looked in the manual & it says use input 5 for connecting games consoles. This input has an s-video connection which I can't use as the connection is a coaxial on the N64 unit end (no match). The other is an composite (L + R audio + video) at the tv end but I have only 1x composite connection at the Games console end. I can't seem to find a cable like this (although it says commercially available in the console instructions)

Any ideas on connecting via the coaxel (maybe using another channel) or where I can find the composite cable I require.

all help is very welcome

many thanks

Jon Hillman


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