help me get the right hdmi receiver....pleeeeeeeeze!!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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i have just bought the panasonic th50pz700 and a set of mt 10 b&w speakers. i have a ps3 for bluray playback and sky hd. the panasonic has 1080p pq and wish to keep this intact but also would like to delve into hd audio. i know the ps3 doesnt support true hd but passes it on as pcm for the time being. i use qed hmdi-p cabling and was thinking of upgrading my apm to the onkyo 605 but have just read that if you connect it all up through hdmi then it can only downscale my pq to 576 which horrifies me. please tell me this is not true!!! i have just spent a small fortune on a plasma and speakers and want to get the best pq and sound for around £500 and the onkyo 605 seemed to tick all the right boxes. help required!!!


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Not sure where you read that, but my understanding of the TX-SR605 is that it has no scaling onboard, only conversion to allow lower-res sources to be output via the HDMI.

If you feed in 720P, 1080i or even 1080P to the TX-SR605, it will spit the same quality out via its HDMI output, while extracting audio from the datastream. Bear in mind that you'll need an optical digital connection from the Sky box for 5.1 audio, as the Sky HDMI only carries stereo audio.


so in your humble opinion would the onkyo 605 give me what i want considering the set up i have. if i play a bd at 1080p then i get a 1080p pq. is this value for money then cos i was fretting i would have to upgrade to the onkyo 875 whick is well £££££££

ps thanks for tip on optical from sky. good job i kept hold of it.


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