help me for purchasing a dac of Denafrips


Jun 15, 2024
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I want to purchase a Denafrips DAC, but I couldn't find the product on any platforms such as ebay,amazon etc. There's only one website showing what is claimed to be the official store. Is this website reliable? Help me for this.


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Uk site/dealer

Its pretty easy to find the dealer network just click on the one nearest to your location it doesn't help when some of these sites look like they where designed in back in 95.

But I know of willow tree its just down the road from me and can confirm its there, it s a chap running it from his home. As was signals hifi in Felixstowe until a few years back. Seems to be how alot of these guys operate these days in Suffolk
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Nov 10, 2023
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Be aware that, unless you purchase from an authorized distributor you will have no warranty or after sales support.
Personally, I'd go for a Delta Sigma based DAC from a leading manufacturer. With the use of up-sampling, post DAC processing and other digital manipulation DAC conversion using Delta Sigma chips has been refined to a point where R2R DAC's are somewhat niche for those who like to play around with rather expensive gadgets.
Your other gear is going to make a whole lot more difference to the overall sound that reaches your ears.
Studio grade A/D D/A converters are not R2R and they are mastering grade and cost many thousands of $'s.