Help connecting Blue Ray to old Yamaha DSP-A1 amp


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Aug 10, 2019
I have just stepped into the visual 21st century and purchased a Panasonic TX-P50V10 plasma and Panasonic DMR-BS850 blue ray player/recorder.

However, sonically some might say i'm still in the 20th century with my trusted Yamaha DSP-A1 amp. Now don't get me wrong, i've had this since 1999 and for the first 7 years it doubled as my hi-fi amp and film watching amp so was used virtually every day, then reverting to just film duty since and it has never put a foot wrong. It still runs like new and sounds as amazing as the first day I switched it on. BUT......I guesse with HDMI and the new sound formats it will need replacing if I am to get the best from blue ray.....or will it?

This is my dilema.

I have scoured many forums and can see the high regard in which the A1 is still held because of great build, componants used and sound at the time it came out and therefore if the quality of this machine is to be matched, it would no doubt require me spending a lot of wedge that frankly after my recent purchases as mentioned above, is really something I just couldn't do. Spending £400 (which would be my limit if I had no other option) may get me HDMI switching and upscaling etc but i'm getting the impression the sound would just be disapointing in comparison.

So my question is this, (got there in the end) If I am to keep the A1 what is the best way of connecting the blue ray and Sky + box (soon to be HD) to the TV and A1 in order to get the best picture and sound possible? I assume the upscaler in the Blue Ray would do a good job as far as picture to the plasma is concerned so direct HDMI to the TV is the order of the day and the same for the Sky box. There are no anaalogue outs on the blue ray player so that option if it was one is out. So as for sound is it just a case of optical digital to the A1 from the blue ray player/recorder and the Sky box? I really haven't a Scooby!........HELP!!!!!!

I know i'll miss out on the full sound options available of the blue ray player by not getting a new amp but in time no doubt I will upgrade, it just seems a shame to resigne a perfectly good amp to the bin as i've no doubt its second hand value is worthless.

As Frasier would say.......'Thanks for listening'.

Oh, I don't ever intend to run a Wii or PS3 or any games machines as that sort of thing just doesn't float my boat so no need to bother about that, thank goodness.


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Nov 29, 2007
as there is no multi audio outs no HD sound for you untill you have an HDMI equipped receiver.

So HDMI to TV and either of the DIGI outs to the amp for the core DTS/DD sounds.


Thanks NADS I guessed as much.

So in that case can anyone out there advise me would spending around £400 on something like a Denon AVR-1910 be worth it or would I be better waiting until I could afford something like the AVR-2310 or am I going to have to spend much more to get an equivalant quality amp to the A1? Having said that ten years on is a long time in the electronics world I know and maybe a £400-£600 will be enough.

Thanks again.


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