Help choosing In Ears for certain sound please.


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Aug 10, 2019
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Being no earphone expert, in the past simply buying the ones with enough bass, that's it.

Now I have invested in a Classic Ipod I am after some that will suit me and my music. On that score I listen to a lot of electronic, Moby, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode etc, each having a decent amount of bass in them. Then again, I enjoy rock, Muse etc, classical and 80s tunes.

I bought a pair of B&W P5s and am very happy with the sound if only very slightly light on the bass, these are going to be for indoors though and so am hunting for the in ears.

I have a pair of Sony MDR-EX300 and although not highly reviewed I have found them to be great sounding with my Iphone and although may be just as good with the Ipod of course, am trying to get as good as I can get, for the money. Money is not such a criteria, not as I am rich but the ones I have in mind vary a bit from their RRP, eg Shure SE115 for £40 if you don't mind pink!

The Sony sound good as I said, but with my previos player, a Sony NWZ 728 or something the bass was bloated and slow. After trying some Sennheiser CX300 II with the Sony again, the rest of the range was clearer but the bass was loose. Trying the CXs on my Iphone I found a distinct lack of bass, whilst the rest of the sound was very very nice.

I hope I am steering you towards my tastes and not just rambling lol.

So I compiled a list and am not prepared to spend more than £80 (so could find Bose IE2/MIE2 in this range after hunting around) unless it is a must. They are:

Shure SE115

Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi

Bose IE2 or MIE2 (if there is a difference in sounds and not just the little remote - won't need it on Ipod)

Sennheiser IE7, have spotted them for £100 from a website and could actually be genuine!!!

Phonak 012

Klipsch S4i/S5i

I could definitely have missed some good ones out and I didn't mention Beats by Dr Dre as I am not too keen, but if the sound may be suitable then I will give them a whirl.

Thanks for any help, I know this question gets asked a lot. I have read them but I feel me liking slightly more bass than is usual (I think) justifies it.


Thanks, I did see that post previously but I know nothing about these and they are only in the USA as far as I can see.

I am going to try a few and then if no joy finding 'the' ones then I will take the gamble.

I got some IE7s for a bargain so will see how these settle after a good few hours, they are genuine Sennheiser too! Wow.

I am also trying some Beats, not keen on them but if they sound the part, then that is all that matters. Am also going to try some Bose IE2s and if then I am not happy I will plump for the TFTs.

Here's hoping I am already sorted! What a pain it can be... :grin:


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Feb 26, 2009
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Shure SE115 are dynamic drivers, not balanced armatures. I'd opt for the SE215 over them anyway.

Shure SE215 are very good, WHF is spot on I think, I agree 100% for once, so I won't talk any about them. They're available for around £75.

Klipsch S4 are very fun sounding, bass can be a little bloated, but I liked them a lot. Unfortunately, the build quality is not so good. Went through two pairs then opted for the Shures. I found using bass reducer preset on ipod touch gave excellent results though, in some cases.

Phonaks are well regarded, although I've never heard them. I believe they are balanced armatures, and tend towards neutral rather than bass impact. If you find CX300 bass light in any circumstance, avoid any balanced armature earphone. Hope this helps.


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